Melissa Oakley | Motion Designer

Total Access Football


It was a honor to be able to immediately start work on this project, Capacity's 2015 Total Access rebrand. The entire team was months into production when I jumped on, but I still had an awesome role in the pipeline. As each scene would be built out, I had the role of animating the red, white, blue, and grey elements on the walls of the NFL logo. This process occurred in AE, with a very cleverly rigged system constructed by Brett Morris. I would render out different passes of the wall's colors and alpha passes of the wall's details, and then integrate them into our C4D Octane renders to make sure my animation was lining up with the camera movements. It was a fantastic learning curve, and the pressure of being able to maintain the pace the entire team was already pushing forward at was an experience I'd never give up. Super thankful I got the chance to really touch base on this amazing looking package!