Melissa Oakley | Motion Designer
2019-01-12 19_03_12-Window.png

Moving Pictures Projection Mapping

The opening title sequence for the annual Entertainment Arts video and animation student showcase hosted at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. This piece brought an 8-ft wood panel to life by animating a series of light beams synced to music onto the various triangular faces of the sculpture. The sculpture was built, and propped upright at a 90 degree angle from the ground. A projector when then permanently placed about 8-ft away from the sculpture to get exact measurements of each of the triangles on the sculpture for the light to be mapped onto. Animation was taken away, and animated to sync up to the beat of a piece of music. Once the animation was finished, it played on repeat and video footage was taken of the sculpture lighting up in action. The video footage was when edited, color corrected, and cut to match up with the original music.