This ESL Pro League CS:GO Package was the first project I really had some awesome responsibility on. I had the pleasure of working with Blake Fawley, who designed the package and came up with the concept of integrating the ESL logo into each element and the open. When I hopped onto the project, I got to take his initial design language and create and animate all the lower thirds used in the game's live broadcast. Once those were completed, I assisted Blake in animating the full-screen elements that included things such as the player matchups, teams' schedules, and many more. After those were completed, I had the opportunity to help Blake out with the awesome 0:30 open for CS:GO's Pro league. Blake, with the awesome help of Bryan Horn, used CS:GO's large online fan base to derive a way to create our own custom green screen map and screen record each individual choreographed shot, that we eventually took into AE to composite and stylize into the final piece. Every shot in the open was very carefully planned out and recorded with the help of Blake, Bryan, and I. With the entire package and open being created only by the help of 3 people, I feel very proud to have worked and played such a role in this awesome package for ESL!