Melissa Oakley | Motion Designer

Call of Duty XP 2016 Global Briefing

This was the first project I had the opportunity to work on that was for live event visuals, and I loved it! Call of Duty runs an XP event for its esports championship, where COD fans from all over visit and get to participate in awesome interactive COD themed activities, everything from playing the game on-site to zip lining and paintball. Before the event begins every year, however, there is a keynote that takes place, cluing the fans in on new DLC's about to be released and other Call of Duty news. This was our job, to take the Call of Duty brand and visual style for that year and create "living slides" that contained information that interacted live as the presenters presented their speeches. I was responsible for a majority of the designs and animation in this package - finding an intricate but efficient way to relay all the photos, videos, and text needed throughout the keynote.