Melissa Oakley | Motion Designer
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Call of Duty E3 Infinite Warfare Premiere

With my love for small intricate animation, this short and sweet project was one of my top favorite projects with the team at Capacity. This introductory sequence was played at the big Sony press conference at E3 2016 inside the Shrine Auditorium. It was the first video ever that played introducing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare! Our responsibility was to create and choreograph a techy space-age introductory sequence leading into the gameplay footage they had pre-recorded. I had the honor of helping out with a lot of the small details in the piece, from the intricate beacons and details within the globe to all the HUD UI animation - inspired by the Call of Duty design and gameplay itself. I also helped with the frame-by-frame easing transitioning from our 3D renders to the gameplay footage inside the hallway of the Retribution at the end. I love this style of glitchy animation and intricate UI, so I'm super happy I got to lend quite a significant hand with this E3 trailer.