Melissa Oakley | Motion Designer



Melissa is a motion designer specializing in both 2D and 3D animation with a background in design, and both experimental and traditional cel-animation. Melissa currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she spends most her free-time dabbling in different organizations that support female artists worldwide. Midwestern at heart, she went to school at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, where she graduated in 2015 as "Senior Select" with High Honors and a BFA in Entertainment Arts.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, rock climbing, camping, and exploring unseen landscapes. She finds the ties between the digital and natural world very influential to her creativity. Melissa loves to write, and will often find inspiration through her stream-of-consciousness essays.

Melissa Oakley currently works as a full-time Art Director at Capacity, located in Los Angeles, California. She also works as a part-time freelancer, so feel free to reach out with potential requests.

Features —

SIGGRAPH 2017 Maxon Presenter
Women in Animation Member
Cinetopia International Film Festival Member
Michigan Film Festival Winner